FutureInvest Single Premium

Versatile unit-linked single premium policy for wealth accumulation.


The FutureInvest Single Premium allows you to invest a lump-sum amount towards your investment goals. It is designed to not only accelerate your savings and wealth, but also to offer protection should you opt for it.


The FutureInvest Plan is a versatile unit-linked single premium policy that can serve as a useful wealth accumulation tool.

  • Short-term plan with one-time investment in USD or AED

  • Option to add more investments

  • 90+ international funds to invest in.

To learn more about FutureInvest Single Premium, contact your Relationship Manager, visit your nearest branch or send an email to:  banca.products@cbd.ae


  • Unlimited underlying portfolio customisation during the plan term

  • Free profit booking from day one

  • Partial withdrawal options

About Orient Insurance

Orient Insurance, a division of the Al-Futtaim Group, is the leading customer-centric insurance provider with over 40 years of experience in the UAE. As a robust composite insurer, Orient has great expertise in commercial, technical, life, and retail insurance products. Orient has the highest rating in the region with the highest gross written premium, equity, technical and net profit in the Emirates.

Orient Insurance not only has impressive clientele, but has also established itself as a leading insurance player by securing ‘A+’ by A M Best and ‘A+’ by Standard & Poor’s.


The description of coverage contained in this document is a summary of the cover available. Kindly read the Policy wording for a complete description of the terms and conditions. Any claims made are subject to terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions as outlined in the Policy’s wording of insurance. The Policy summary does not form part of the Policy terms and conditions.

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