We protect your finances, all day, every day.

CBD continually invests in and implements the most advanced security measures to ensure all your online dealings with us are completely safe.


Types of online threats

Phishing is an attempt to acquire your financial information via email by pretending to be a trustworthy entity. This includes emails from what appears to be your bank and contains links requesting you to ‘verify your account’ or ‘confirm your billing information’. If you reveal your password, the attacker can access and use your account .
Vishing is similar to phishing, but the medium used is the mobile phone. For example, an automated recording informs you that your bank account has had unusual activity and that you should call a particular number immediately. When you dial the number, you are requested to enter your account details on your keypad.
Smishing (SMS phishing) is a type of phishing attack where you receive text messages on your mobile phone with a link to a website. As soon as you click on the link, it redirects you to a fraudulent website in an attempt to obtain your online banking credentials.

How to secure your mobile phone

CBD Mobile Banking Apps Security

CBD Mobile Banking Apps use various security measures and data encryption to ensure your day to day banking is completely safe with a User ID/Password, PIN and security token  for high level transactions. Some of these security measures are:

  • Personalised activation/registration process with unique one time password code
  • Secure registration process using CBD Online Banking credentials
  • Multilevel checks using personal password/PIN or security token

The ability to control your beneficiaries by adding or removing utility bills, internal and external payments details through synchronisation from CBD Online Banking through receiving an OTP (one time password) notification on your mobile.

Mobile security tips

Smartphones make up an integral part of our lives. With mobile payments and banking becoming increasingly popular, it is important that you apply the same security measures to your mobile phone as you would to your computer. In the wrong hands, your mobile phone could give the wrong person access to your accounts and ultimately your money. Keeping your phone updated and secure is the first step towards real mobile security.

  • Lock your phone when not in use. Password-protect your device so that nobody else can use it or view the information. Also be sure to store your device in a safe location.
  • Call us on 600 575 556, if you have lost your phone and we will disable your mobile banking user ID and password temporarily. In case you have changed your mobile phone number, please let us know and we will update your contact details.
  • Clear mobile frequently by deleting text messages from financial institutions, especially before sharing, discarding or selling your device.
  • Never disclose via text message any personal information (account numbers, passwords, or other personal information) that could be used for ID theft.
  • Always download apps from trusted sources.
  • Keep your phone's Operating System (OS) and apps updated.
  • Do not store passwords or accounts numbers on your mobile phone.
  • Limit the amount of personal details or contact information that you store in your phone, as criminals may be able to retrieve them if you happen to lose your phone.
  • Make a note of your phone's IMEI number (dial *#06# to get it). This makes it easier to disable a stolen phone.
  • For iPhone users, never jail-break or crack the device. Activate encrypted backup in iTunes, and turn on the passcode lock for the phone.
  • For Android users, never root or crack the device.
  • Never use any proxy or VPN software paid/free while accessing your mobile banking and online banking.
SIM swap fraud

Under SIM swap fraud, fraudsters manage to get a new SIM card issued against your registered mobile number through the mobile service provider. With the help of this new SIM card, they get access to One Time Passwords (OTP) and alerts required for making financial transactions through your bank accounts.

How do fraudsters operate?

Step 1 : Fraudsters gather customer's personal information through phishing, vishing, smishing or any other means.

Step 2 : They then approach the mobile operator and get the SIM blocked. After this they visit the mobile operator's retail outlet with the fake ID proof, posing as the customer.

Step 3 : The mobile operator deactivates the genuine SIM card and issues a new one to the fraudster.

Step 4 : Fraudster then generates a One Time Password (OTP) required to facilitate transaction, using the stolen banking information. This OTP is received on the new SIM held by the fraudster.

How to protect yourself from fraud:

  • If your mobile number has stopped working for a longer than usual period, enquire with your mobile operator to make sure you haven't fallen victim to the scam.
  • Register for SMS and any other alert mechanism available to stay informed about the activities in your bank account.
  • Regularly check your bank statements and transaction history for any irregularities.

Preventing card fraud

Credit card security

We monitor your account 24/7 for any suspicious or out of the ordinary activity and will contact you straight away if we notice anything unusual. If your card is lost or stolen or you notice any unusual transactions on your account, make sure you contact us immediately on 600 575 556.

What to look out for

There are various frauds linked to stealing your money and credit card details for unauthorized purchases:

  • Card not present fraud - Fraudsters may access your credit card details from old receipts to purchase high value items on the internet or phone where the retailer does not need to see the card to authorize the purchase, for example: card not present.
  • Cash machine (ATM) fraud - Devices are planted in cash machines by fraudsters in order to skim the card details and use them for unauthorized purchases at a later date. The fraudster may also be watching at the cash machine to steal your card and PIN.
  • Counterfeit fraud - Counterfeit is a term used to describe the manufacture of a credit card so it looks like a genuine card. Genuine credit cards are then “skimmed” and the details duplicated onto the counterfeit card via the magnetic strip.
  • Mail not received fraud - Cards are stolen in the post before the cardholder receives them and used for fraudulent purchases.
How we protect you

Keeping your financial and personal information secure is our highest priority. We use the most sophisticated levels of technology and processes to protect your privacy and security and prevent fraudulent transactions on your credit card.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

What is 3D Secure Authentication?

  • MasterCard SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa™ (also known as 3D Secure Authentication) are the leading security systems for authenticating credit card transactions online, so you can feel confident when using your credit card for purchases over the internet.

How does 3D Secure Authentication work?

  • 3D Secure Authentication protection is provided automatically with your credit card with no need to register or create a password to benefit from this added layer of security. The majority of online transactions will be automatically processed, however from time to time you may be prompted for additional information linked to your account to authorize the purchase.

Why do I need 3D Secure Authentication protection?

  • Your account information will be protected when you use your card for purchases online, so you can shop quickly and conveniently without compromising your security.
Zero fraud liability
If your CBD card is used without your knowledge or consent, you will not be liable for fraudulent use. So it is important you contact us immediately if you think your card has been lost or stolen, or if you notice any unusual transactions on your account.
Important tips when using your card
  • Sign your card as soon as you receive it
  • Review your account statements on a timely basis
  • When shopping online, only place orders with your card on a secure website
  • Don't send emails that quote your card number and expiry date
  • Ensure that you get your own card back after every purchase
  • Never write down your PIN or disclose it to anyone
  • Report lost and stolen cards immediately
  • Destroy your credit card receipts before discarding it
  • Never let the card out of your sight.
Get a new card
  • If you lose your card or if it is stolen then call us straight away on 600 575 556 —remember to keep this number safe or save it in your mobile phone for future reference.
  • If delivery of a new card seems slow, query it with your bank immediately.
  • Destroy old cards by cutting through the magnetic strip.
  • Make sure your post is secure and that you know when to expect your credit cards if you have ordered new ones. If you don't receive your statement or card, or your mail appears to have been tampered with, please call CBD immediately on 600 575 556.

How to report a suspicious activity

Take control of your security

Remember: we will never request your password, account or confidential information over the phone, via email, SMS or social media. We will also never direct you to a site to input your username and password. Your password and PIN are private to you – never reveal them to anyone.

If you think you may have disclosed your account details to a suspicious party, contact us immediately by calling 600 575 556 or email us at

What we do to protect you

  • We have a robust firewall technology to prevent unauthorised access to the Bank's systems.
  • Our security team is constantly monitoring the system for suspicious activity and automatic alerts are generated if any abnormal activities are detected.
  • We may sometimes delay or decline transactions that are out of your regular transaction patterns until we can confirm that you are making the transaction.
  • After a period of inactivity, we will automatically log you out of Online Banking to reduce the risk of anyone else accessing your account while you leave your computer unattended.
  • If we do call you or email you, we will never ask you for your personal information, online credentials or any other sensitive details.

Commercial Bank of Dubai will never
  • Ask for your personal information or any other sensitive information
  •   Threaten to close your account or charge if you do not follow the steps in the email
  •   Send you offers that sound to good to be true
Identifying an email from Commercial Bank of Dubai

We will always:

  • Display the last four numbers of your account; by default, this will be your main account.
  • Greet you personally using your title and name.
  • Use links in our emails that will go to If we need you to take action on something, we will ask you to login to CBD Online Banking and do it from there. Occasionally, we might send you a link to a website for one of our trusted partner sites but you will never be expected to give any security details when visiting these.

We will never:

  • Ask you for your password, account or confidential information, online credentials or any other sensitive details over the phone, via email, SMS or social media. If you get an email asking for any of these claiming to be from Commercial Bank of Dubai, forward it to and call us on 600 575 556 immediately. Delete it from the system and never reply to it.
  • Threaten to close your account or add a charge if you don’t do what it says. If you are unsure whether an email is really from us, please get in touch so we can confirm it with you.
  • Claim to confirm important system information via email due to system and security upgrades.
If you receive an email that appears to be from Commercial Bank of Dubai but you suspect maybe fraudulent, forward it to us immediately at and call us on 600 575 556.

Take care of your cards:

Don’t let anyone else use your credit card. Only carry the cards you need in case you have your wallet / purse stolen. Keep your credit card safe and avoid leaving it in unattended bags, jackets or cars. Get a new card:

  • If you lose your card or if it’s stolen then tell us straight away on 600 575 556 —remember to keep this number safe or save it in your mobile phone for future reference
  • If delivery of a new card seems slow, query it with your bank immediately.
  • Sign new cards as soon as you receive them.
  • Destroy old cards by cutting through the magnetic strip.
  • Make sure your post is secure and that you know when to expect your credit cards if you have ordered new ones. If you don't receive your statement or card, or your mail appears to have been tampered with please call CBD immediately on 600 575 556.

As per our privacy policy and information security policy, CBD will never request you to disclose your account number, Credit Card information, User ID , Personal Identification Number (PIN), Telephone Identification Number (TIN), Password or any such information through emails.

If you receive any such email or written communication which appears to have been sent from CBD seeking personal or confidential information, please don’t answer it - instead contact us immediately at and we’ll take the required steps.

We also suggest you follow the below mentioned important steps to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam while using CBD online services:

  • Do not disclose your Online Banking User ID and Password to anybody; we will never ask you for this information under any circumstances.

  • Always type the website address in the address bar.

  • Ensure Ensure that the online banking address has https:// and a secure lock icon appears at the right bottom corner of the page or next to the address in the top of the webpage.

  • Do not use the “Save Password” option on your computer.

  • Change passwords frequently.

  • Do not save the internet banking webpage link or bookmark in browser favourites.

  • Do not leave your compute unlocked

  • Subscribe to SMS Banking to be notified on any banking transactions through your account

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