Electronic Channels & Reporting

Seamless access to CBD's Payments & Cash Management Services


Unlock fast, efficient, and secure access to our comprehensive suite of Payment & Cash Management services, giving you full control over your business operations through our advanced digital channels.


Welcome to iBusiness, CBD's cutting-edge corporate digital banking platform. Access your accounts and services anytime, anywhere, with 24/7/365 availability. With iBusiness, enjoy real-time account visibility, multi-format statement downloads, and a wide range of electronic payment services, including:

  • Domestic and international payments
  • Utility payments
  • WPS and non-WPS salary payments
  • Federal Tax Authority payments
  • Pension payments

Our platform also integrates all Payables, Receivables, and Liquidity Management solutions:

  • Remote Cheque Deposit (RCD) Services
  • Direct Debit System (DDS)
  • Receivables Management Solution (RMS)
  • Cash Collection and Delivery Services
  • Remote Cheque Printing (RCP)
  • Liquidity Management

Click here to view and download the iBusiness forms.

iConnect API Banking and Host-to-Host Solution

iConnect offers seamless integration between your company's ERP and CBD's system via Web API or SFTP. This supports high transaction volumes and data traffic, optimising your finance and treasury operations. Achieve unmatched efficiency with features like:

  • Centralised financed and treasury options
  • Shared service centres and payment factories
  • In-house banking solutions

iConnect supports both full, pre-authorised H2H capability and Semi-H2H with authorisation through iBusiness. It easily accepts multiple payment types in various file formats.

Click here to view and download the iConnect forms.

MT940 Customer Statement Reporting

MT940/MT942 is a universal SWIFT statement used to reconcile the book of accounts electronically. CBD enables you to receive adequate information for each type of transaction and these messages can be seamlessly integrated with your ERP.

MT940 messages are available for download from iBusiness, transmitted directly to your ERP through iConnect or via SWIFT to an authorized BIC.

Click here to download our MT940/MT942 Format Specifications document.

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