Instant access savings account

Too busy to worry about confusing bank charges? We’ve created the Save NOW account just for you: you can deposit and withdraw your money wherever you like and you won’t spend a penny on account maintenance. And we don’t want your money just sitting there doing nothing, either: why not make it work for you?For the first 9 months, you can earn 1.75% p.a. interest on your monthly balances. No confusion, no jargon, and it’s all accessible from your CBD NOW mobile app. Save NOW is an easy to use, easy to earn account that leaves you to get on with the stuff you really want to do in life. No need to maintain any Minimum balance.


We couldn’t make being eligible for this account easier if we tried; all you need is a Live NOW account or a Commercial Bank of Dubai current account. Just a reminder this account is for new savings only and you can only transfer money from savings accounts outside of Commercial Bank of Dubai.

Check out our Terms & Conditions here.

Check out our Fees & Charges here.

Interest Rates

Amount Accounts Opened prior 01-Nov-2017
Accounts Opened on or after 01-Nov-2017 
Interest rate % p.a.
Interest rate % p.a.
Up to AED 500,000 (first 9 months) 2.5%  1.75%
Up to AED 500,000 (after 9 months) 1%  1%
Above AED 500,000 0.10%  0.10%

* Published interest rates can vary from time to time. Interest is calculated on average monthly balance.