Liquidity Management

Optimise your cash flow with our comprehensive Sweeping, National Pooling and Inter-Company Loans


Structure your accounts to gain cash flow efficiencies

Maximise your liquidity and control with CBD's comprehensive services: Sweeping, Notional Pooling, and Inter-Company Loans. Our Liquidity Management solutions help you earn interest on surplus cash, move funds where needed, and maintain better oversight of your liquidity position.


Efficiently manage cash flow across multiple companies and accounts with our Sweeping service. Set up various rules like zero balancing, target balancing, reverse sweeping, percentage sweeping and more to ensure funds are always optimally allocated.

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Notional Pooling

Enhance liquidity without moving funds physically. CBD's Notional Pooling allows you to optimise interest from excess funds across different accounts and companies within your organisation.

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Inter-Company Loans

Streamline the tracking and reporting of fund movements between different entities in your organisation with the Inter-Company Loans (ICL). Set up rules to manage exposure, control tenors, and handle settlements seamlessly.

Click here to view and download the LMS forms.

Overdraft Protection

Prevent transaction delays and overdrafts with Overdraft Protection. Configure current or savings accounts to fund transactions in your payment account automatically, ensuring your transactions are always processed on time.

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