Business Installment Loan

Collateral-free, quick and easy finance when your business needs it

Whenever a new business opportunity or situation requires the injection of additional funding.

No collateral or security requirements

Flexible repayment tenure

Loan top-up facility

Buy-out option


No collateral or security requirements
Flexible repayment tenure
Loan top-up facility
Buy-out option


With our quick and easy finance option, you can borrow up to AED 2 million as a business loan with no collateral or security requirement and set your fixed term repayment period anywhere between 12 and 48 months.

In line with CBD's fair pricing commitment, you have the added assurance of knowing that you will be paying among the lowest comparable rate in the UAE, fixed for the duration of your loan.

Top features

Nomination facility

No collateral or security requirements

Flexible repayment tenure

Loan top-up facility

Buy-out option

Features and benefits

  • No collateral or security requirements: Hassle-free access to finance with minimum formalities

  • Fair pricing, with a commitment to maintain fees and profit rates amongst the lowest in the market

  • Fast decision making and processing turn-around times, with the majority of credit decisions made within 48 hours

  • Transparency: Clear and straightforward terms, conditions and eligibility requirements

  • Convenience: All repayments are automatically direct debited from your business bank account

  • Flexible repayment tenure: Choice of repayment periods between 12 and 48 months

  • Loan top up facility after 12 months of satisfactory loan performance

  • Buy-out option: CBD will help you to transfer your existing loans and credit facilities from another bank

  • No requirement to submit audited annual statements

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Fees and charges

Business Installment Loan
List of charges
Requirements / Charges
Annual interest rateAs per prevailing rates and policies
Loan application fee2.50% processing fee, charged on approved loan

Eligibility criteria

Open to all registered business entities operating in the trading, manufacturing, professional or service sectors.
Business operating for at least two years, with annual sales turnover of AED 2,000,000 or over.
Minimum of 6 months relationship with CBD or another bank, maintaining a minimum bank account balance of AED 40,000.
Applicants should be between 25-65 years during the finance tenure.
Business Installment Loan

Required documents

  • National ID or valid passport with UAE residence visa and Emirates ID of all signing authorities and shareholders, if applicable
  • Valid legal and constitutive documents (i.e. Trade License, Certificate of Commercial Registration, Free Zone Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Partnership Agreement) as applicable
  • Power of Attorney or Board Resolution, if applicable
  • Proof of Address
  • Details of Ultimate Beneficial Owners
  • Bank Reference Letter and Company Profile, if applicable
  • No requirement for audited financial statements
  • 12 months original bank statements for the business entity

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